Economic Outlook

Prince Edward Island is experiencing growth in several key economic sectors. Those that are the fastest-growing are food, bioscience and advanced manufacturing.

Processing Plant Business people

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A network of business development specialists will work across governments and with industry partners to help you expand your business successfully to PEI.

Lobster and Seafood

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Do you wish to buy or invest in Prince Edward Island’s first-class food, products or services? Our staff will connect you with our export-ready businesses and strategic partners after everyone returns home.

Entrepreneurship & Support

Making stuff happen is in our DNA. It’s an instinct for hard work and entrepreneurial spirit that drives us today. One that has established the leading edge of bioscience on the rim of the sea; has sprouted a medicinal horticultural industry from generations of know-how in the art and science of agriculture.

Our people, and yes, our government too, are working together to make big things happen.

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